Cimarron PTO
General Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1. Meeting called to order: Jennifer Fett
15 were in attendance. Jennifer Fett, Megan Foster, Sara Jones, Julie Hoff, Amber Loberg, Gina Kim, Laura Jarvis, Melissa Burright, Leslie Singleton, Gena Money, Lauren Newcomb, Katie Rucker, Michele Matthews

2. Welcome – Jennifer Fett
Lori is out of town, still need a secretary

3. Read and approve April Minutes
Gena Money made a motion to approve April 2017 minutes. Sara Jones seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as presented

4. Principal’s Report-Cordell Ehrich
Mr. Ehrich said we’re off to a great start. Introduced new assistant principal, Link Lowe. One last minute teacher replaced in 8th grade math. Chrome books for all 8th graders. Still getting kinks worked out can get insurance online. Lots of awards and recognitions for the students. Panther time for 6th graders.

5. Treasurers Report-Heather S
Will vote on budget at next months meeting.

6. Counselors Report-Leslie Singleton
Character lessons and a dress up day as they wear the color that represents a specific character.

7. PAC report
Teacher shortage did effect Edmond this year. 24,800 students (up 462) 1500 teachers (260 new). Construction updates found online.

7. Committee reports
Fundraising- finished check writing campaign and Krispy Kreme fundraising is starting. Encourage certificates over dozens for easier delivery.
T-shirts- going well, all have been delivered. Still have a few of each size left to sell
Staff appreciation: Had a great barbeque lunch, the teachers loved it. Collecting gift cards to Sonic.
Panther Grill- this Friday is the first one. Could use a couple more volunteers.
Pizza Day- today, they have all the volunteers they need
BoxTops- Gina suggested a grade level war to increase participation.

8. Backpacks and Care committee-
Backpack numbers are increasing and funding from the food pantry is going down. Will need to find someone to shadow this year and takeover next year.

9. New Business
Suggestions for involvement in a beautification committee. Gina Money said she could help.
Sara Jones said she would talk to Shana Meyers about doing encouraging signs for the girls’ bathrooms